Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cake Box, Huntington Beach, CA

The Nov. 23 2009 issue of The New Yorker has a short filler piece about Baumkuchen. Oh my gaaaawwwwwd. It's a little rambly, but it explains the taste and introduces others who share my passion for rotisserie cakes.

Oh, by the way, remember me? I used to post about my cake obsession here. Hi.

Right. Anyway. The article started to rekindle my desire for my own Baumkuchen oven! It also announced that there is a location in Orange County where one can observe a Baumkuchen in construction. It's called The Cake Box, and I am super-stoked to visit there some day when I have an entire afternoon free. When's the next time I will have an entire afternoon free? Probably some time in 2010. Hooray college!

Works cited: Sheraton, Mimi. "Spit Cake." The New Yorker 23 Nov. 2009: 54-57. Print.