Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What the engineering profs have to say

Here's the feedback I've gotten recently:

  • It must be electric. Amateur gas pipes mean propane will accumulate at the top of the box, which is way bad.

  • Ceramic bulbs for heating and fireclay for insulation. YES.

  • Depending on the motors being used, it may be best to connect the motor to the spit with a bike chain? It is not difficult to cut sprockets for those so speed control should be much simpler this way. Watch your fingers.

  • One of the traditional recipes I had been looking at (I should make a post for traditional recipes later) is extremely bitter tasting and should not be trusted at all.

  • With fireclay, weight will be an issue, especially with mobility.

  • Safety features! Digital temperature sensors are apparently pretty simple to implement? Also there absolutely must be emergency vents if the oven area gets too hot or any of the structural integrity is compromised.

  • Make many more drafts and don't get too attached to any of them.




Oh, that helps. It like a primal war-cry to get me back into the cake mood. For the last two months or so I've been on an ice cream tangent, making flavours like vanilla, ginger, bacon...mostly bacon. So now, I'm back.